We have great kids

As we are wrapping up our preparations for the storm, Kathy and I were thinking about how helpful and how mature our kids have been in this process. For Katrina, the kids were in school while we ran around town, battling the crowds, the empty shelves, the lines for ice and gas.

For Gustav, we’ve been splitting our time between celebrating our friend’s Bat Mitzvah and getting our stuff together for the storm. And while we were fighting huge crowds at Albertson’s (the check out lines were 15 people deep, they ran out of shopping carts), the kids took it upon themselves to help out, to deal with the situation, and to handle themselves with a level of maturity beyond their years. To a point, I think they actually enjoyed it (again, only to a point).

They’re clearly worried about Gustav. But they also found that some work around the house or with the folks can be a good diversion.


Gustav is playing with us

The latest from the weather service is that Hurricane Gustav has not gained strength, only at 115 mph sustained winds. While this is encouraging, these storms tend to change radically when you least expect it. I’m hoping that Gustav decides to fall apart entirely before reaching shore. Hope springs eternal…

One more irritant

As if the general angst of waiting for a Cat 4 hurricane to run over your city isn’t enough, our next door neighbor had someone come and cut down some limbs from a tree over his house. And instead of hauling the debris off to the dump (like they are supposed to), they left it sitting in front of his house.

So there it is, a pile of heavy tree limbs, lying on the ground, waiting for 75-90 mph winds to pick them up and hurl them at our house (and his). And there is nothing we can do about it. The limbs are too heavy for us to move, and we don’t have any way of hauling them off.

Sometimes people just don’t think.

Where is a Wal-Mart when you need it most?

I’m sorry to say this. Typically, I am not a fan of Wal-Mart in general. But they do have a great distribution system with low prices, something you want to have at your disposal when preparing for an on-coming storm.

So what did Wal-Mart do today that is so irritating? Well, we drove by there about 11:30 AM (Sunday, Aug 31), and they were closed. CLOSED!!! And it wasn’t just that Wal-Mart, its ALL the Wal-Marts in Baton Rouge that closed. We don’t know when they closed. And we don’t know why. No one knows. But at the time, it was about 24 hours before the tropical force winds really bear down on us, and people need water, ice, food, and general hurricane stuff. The Albertson’s Market next door was jammed with people. No wonder.

I don’t understand why all the Wal-Marts closed so early. It doesn’t make sense. If they are saving their stocks for after the storm hits, that makes some sense. Except, that if the storm is as bad as they say it could be, no one will be able to get to the Wal-Mart to get what they need.

Welcoming Gustav

Many family and friends want to know what’s going on with Hurricane Gustav and Louisiana. So I’ve set up this blog with pictures, links and stories about what is happening in Baton Rouge.

Here are some good links for accurate and dispassionate information about the storm:

But because the Earth Scan Lab provides information for a variety of public information services and emergency preparedness units, its server is fairly busy at this time.

I hope to have some pictures and videos of the storm (actually, I don’t hope to have them, but the storm is very likely, so I too will likely have pics and vids).