We have great kids

As we are wrapping up our preparations for the storm, Kathy and I were thinking about how helpful and how mature our kids have been in this process. For Katrina, the kids were in school while we ran around town, battling the crowds, the empty shelves, the lines for ice and gas.

For Gustav, we’ve been splitting our time between celebrating our friend’s Bat Mitzvah and getting our stuff together for the storm. And while we were fighting huge crowds at Albertson’s (the check out lines were 15 people deep, they ran out of shopping carts), the kids took it upon themselves to help out, to deal with the situation, and to handle themselves with a level of maturity beyond their years. To a point, I think they actually enjoyed it (again, only to a point).

They’re clearly worried about Gustav. But they also found that some work around the house or with the folks can be a good diversion.


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