Gustav update

It's Tuesday AM, and we survived. But Gustav was a beast. 80 mph winds
(sustained) and gusts over 100mph. We lost a huge tree that is
blocking the road, took down our power/phone/cable pole and destroyed
our neighbor's front porch. We lost about 50 sq ft of shingles, and
our roof is leaking into the house. Good thing we put a tarp on the

Today we'll try to clean up and tarp our roof. But it's still raining
and we have occasional thunderstorms.

Our neighborhood is a huge mess with trees and power lines down
everywhere. We hear the city was hit very hard, worse than Andrew and
Betsy. 1.5 million without power. We're waiting on word from FEMA on
where we can get tarps, ice and MREs. Supposed to find out around 8
am, but nothing yet. Go figure.

Our cousins in New Orleans are okay, but in similar circumstances.
What a mess.

— Steve

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