Finally, some progress.

Friday we saw the first signs of progress. The 2 hour lines for gas were now only about 10 minutes long. More gas stations had power and there was more gas to be had. Traffic signals were slowly starting to operate, although the four biggest intersections were still four-way stops.

Grocery stores were starting to reopen although they were mostly stocked with dry goods. And the weather was warm but dry. Perfect cleanup weather.

We also had some success around the house. We had a tree service take down our pecan tree that was completely torn up by Gustav. It is too bad we had to take it down. Without it, it seems like our backyard has a big hole in the sky. But we get some pretty nice firewood. Got a message from our insurance agent, but we’re just playing telephone tag.

The best news is that our friends’ mother’s house had power (and a/c). Since she is not here, our friends offered it to us as a temporary abode. We said yes of course. So we are bouncing between the two houses, cleanup one house, and resting in the other.

More to come.


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