Faint glimmers of hope

Yesterday (Monday), we drove by the house around lunch time to look after the dogs and get a few more things for our “out-of-suitcase” existence. Lo and behold, there were a couple of Entergy trucks at our house, with their crews looking pensively at the downed tree. You could hear the roar of chain saws ripping through some of the big branches that still threatened the road.

Hurrah, we thought. Finally, they’ve come to remove the culprit and restore our power. Our neighbor, Gary, came out to greet us. He had found the crew while riding his bike around the neighborhood, and brought them to our hovel. Great! We’ll have power by Tuesday.

Alas, when we returned to the house later in the afternoon, the tree surgeons had fled. Obviously, another “code blue” took them away, and the hope of electricity dimmed yet again. I’m back to my 21 days prediction.


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