Not again!!!

As the outer reaches of Hurricane Ike rolled through town early (2-4 AM), the winds and rain really came down hard. When Kathy went over to the house to look after the dogs, she saw that our previous handy work on tarping the roof had been undone. The tarp, the boards of wood holding it down and most of the nails used to hook the eyelets of the tarp to the roof had been torn off. Some of the wood was still on the roof, but most of it had been blown on the ground. The tarp was dangling from a tree not far from the roof.

Ever adventurous, we bought a new tarp and some special “tarp-mounting-nails” to make the repair. Everything was going fine until the wind started to kick up again. The tarp had become a wounded spinnaker, flopping around, wacking everything and everyone in sight. We finally were able to start tacking it down, when the rain started. First a few sprinkles. But by the time we were finishing getting the tarp secure, it was a full downpour. We were soaked.

Hopefully this will last the night. We’re supposed to have 20-30 mph winds until mid-day tomorrow.


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