And then there was…

LIGHT!!! We came home to clean out our fridge today, and found this
crew working to remount our power pole. We could hear their drills and
saws working away while we were cleaning the freezer with a delightful
bleach dilution. After I took the trash bag out front, I asked one of
the line men if they had a time frame on when power would be restored.

"30 minutes" he quipped. I stared back in disbelief. "Really." he said.

"That would be very nice." I walked back inside to tell Kathy, and we
went back to work.

We finished our task for the day and headed out to get lunch. Kathy
and Charlie went back into the house to get something and I waited for
them in the van.

The line man I spoke to earlier was waiving his hands trying to get my
attention. When I looked over towards him, he gave me the thumbs up. I
looked back at the front door, and Kathy was smiling. Charlie too. I
then saw the lights in our dining room through the front window,
bright and glowing, and I knew.

"If I had a cold beer to offer you…" I said to the crew.

"I'd drink it." the foreman replied.

12 days, 4 hours without power. I really would not like to do that
again. Ever.


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