The calm after the storm

The storm brought lots of changes to our lives. Some were because of the storm (need to fix the roof, we learned how and when to use a generator, we now have a much sunnier property). Others seemed to be coincidental. At work, the director of the research center I worked at took a position at the National Science Foundation in Washington DC. While he’s away, and while we search for a new director, the provost asked me to serve as co-director for the center. This is a great opportunity for me to test my administrative and leadership skills, and everyone seems to have confidence that we will do a great job of preparing the center for the next director. The irony is that three months ago, I was identified in a newspaper interview as the director of the center (even though I was only director of a lab within the center).

But the most important change is that we finally had a new refrigerator delivered last night. Finally. Our previous refrigerator did not survive the return to regular power after the storm. But after 17 years of trouble free service, we felt that it was time for us to get a new one. More on that later.


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