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Well, it has been a helluva year. My earlier posts have focused on our post-Gustav world. One of our dogs suffered a terrible injury that has left her paralyzed in her rear legs. And I was asked to take the helm of CCT during our search for a new director. And frankly, I’ve been so busy that contributing to this blog has not been a high priority.

I apologize for this, and I am committed to keeping this journal more current with my thoughts about work, life and whatnots. One of the hardest things about this is that in my current position, I’m dealing with some sensitive issues that really aren’t appropriate for a public blog. In those cases, I’ll try my best to keep my postings fact-based, and not just opinions.

Andee Update

Andee had surgery to clear out the broken cartilage in her spine and to relieve some of the pressure on her spinal cord. We have worked hard with her to walk her every day, help express her bladder and just keep her spirits up. It has been a real challenge for us as individuals and as a family. We see her struggle, and have made real sacrifices to make sure she is comfortable and has a good quality of life.

Our work is beginning to pay off. About a month ago, we noticed Andee was starting to try and lift her rear so that she is standing on all fours. She continues to get better and better with this. She is also starting to try and locomote with her hind legs. She doesn’t have a lot of strength, but she is clearly getting more sensation and more control of her hind legs.

This has not translated into bladder control (or at least we’re not aware of this). So we still have to express her three times a day. But we seem to have a routine down for this and she is clearly appreciative of our efforts.

We built an outdoor kennel so that she can stay outside without our watching her, and she seems to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, the weather here has been ultra-hot with no rain for the past two weeks so we’re reluctant to leave her outside for too long. We plan on getting her some physical therapy at the LSU Vet School and that should help her recovery. While I don’t expect that she will ever be running fast across the yard ever again, I am optimistic that she will regain enough motion to walk outside on her own. It may still be a while, but I’m hopeful.