Something odd is happening

Something very odd is happening. I’ll wait to see if things change in Beijing. I leave tomorrow in the morning, and if I figure out what is going so oddly, I’ll post something. Or not…

The conference went very well. My keynote was well received, and this afternoon we had a nice panel discussion on Computer Science education in our respective countries (USA, China, Australia). During this session, I thought about something that surprised me.

Lately, I’ve been hammering about thinking of our research center (CCT) as not just a computational science research center, but more broadly as computational research center across all disciplines, not just science. This is because I can see 10 years from now a time when all disciplines, from the sciences to the arts, the humanities and the social sciences will be immersed in computational activities that fundamentally transform the respective disciplines. Much of this is already happening in areas such as music, geography, art, linguistics. But I can see a time when every discipline will have some form of computational thinking and activity as part of its everyday research.

We already have a program for Communication across the Curriculum. Is it time for a program of “Computation across the Curriculum?”


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