A new start

So I know it’s January 2010, and I haven’t really committed much to keeping this blog updated.  Instead, I’ve been far more active on Twitter and Facebook, in part because I haven’t really decided what I should be doing with these various forms of writing.

So I’ve made some decisions about what to do with which, what and where.  My Twitter feed will be primarily for work related info, news about digital media, music, the arts,  and technology.  You can able to see my Twitter feed on this page.  Facebook will be more personal short posts about what I’m doing and where I’m performing.

This blog will be for the more contemplative issues, where they require a couple of paragraphs rather than 140 characters.  This blog has been split into topics, so you might see something about my research and creative activity, you might see something about our amazing dogs, or about how we’re doing in the face of hurricanes and such.

I’m also connecting some other resources into fixed pages, so that you can hear some of my music, and see some videos (this will take a bit of time).  I hope that you find these things interesting and thought-provoking.


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