Great Panel Session at ASCAP Expo

I just returned from a very short but fast paced trip to Los Angeles.  I got to spend some time with my sister, brother and parents, but I was really there to be a part of a panel session at the 2010 ASCAP Expo at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel.

Fran Richard and Cia Toscanini, from the ASCAP Concert Music section, have tried to get me involved with this event for several years – with me talking about future technologies in music and how they would impact both the classical and commercial worlds of music.  But every time we tried to do this, I was either already committed to other events, or would have travel conflicts that would make it impossible for me to attend.  But this year was different. I had the time, and we had a topic.

With the help of my colleagues Peter Otto (UCSD) and Chris Chafe (Stanford), we talked about using global computer networks for composing, performing and teaching music.  Peter’s work has focused on using high-speed networks to do remote post-production for film. Chris talked about his research in using commodity networks to link musicians remotely for rehearsals and performance.  And I talked about our work on the laptop orchestra, and using high-speed networks for both education and performance. Between the three of us, we really covered most of the research activity in using networks for music.

To be perfectly frank, I was worried that our topic would be too narrow, too experimental for the ASCAP Expo. But we had a great crowd for the talk, with great questions and comments. The audience response was really strong and the post-panel discussion kept going in the hallway for another 30 minutes. I even got to see a former student whose working for PreSonus.

The session was so well received, we’re already talking about what we could do for next year. Can you spell “demo”?


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