TS #1 forms in Caribbean, headed to Gulf

Ever since the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon and subsequent oil spill, people have wondered what will happen when a storm enters the gulf.  Guess we won’t have to wonder much longer.

The only good news here is that TS#1 seems to be heading to the west of the spill.  Or is it good news?

WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA | Tropical Storm #1 forms in Caribbean, headed to Gulf.


Viacom Loses To YouTube in DMCA case

Here is a case where cooler heads have prevailed around a nasty DMCA issue  At issue, whether or not YouTube (and by extension Google) has to prevent people from uploading copyrighted material to its site, or does a speedy removal of said material (once YouTube is notified) satisfy the guidelines of the DMCA?

The ruling here clearly says actions speak louder than words. When notified of violations, YouTube removed the illegal content.  Case closed.

The ruling preserves the right of content owners to protect their works as well as the obligation of content consolidators like YouTube to be responsive to DMCA violations.  In this way, both sides win (and lose).

Viacom Loses To YouTube In Landmark Copyright Case.

Bassoforte Frankenmusic

One of my favorite exam questions for my music synthesis class has been the digital reconstruction of a mythical instrument called the Zarathustra Sarroozaphonium.  The ZS was a cross between a gong, tuba, violin and granular synthesizer all built into one thing.

When I read this article and saw the video, I thought “maybe I should have them synthesize the Bassoforte.”

Bassoforte Frankenmusic Belongs In a Western.

Why It’s Sad Sony Lost the Videogame Hardware Race at E3

It’s more proof that content and user interface are far more important that processor speed alone. First, Sony is beaten by the Nintendo Wii. Now, the rush to 3D (note: I do not want to wear polarized glasses at home to watch 3D. 1080p @ 120 Hz is plenty good for home) and ignoring the actual market needs have put Sony at the bottom of the pack.

Why It’s Sad Sony Lost the Videogame Hardware Race at E3.