Two nights in Venice

After much anticipation, we have started our vacation in Italy. First stop, Venezia. It was hot and humid, but not as hot and humid as south Louisiana. But it seemed hotter because we walked almost everywhere.

We stayed in a quiet area, Corto de L’Alboro, just steps from the grand canal, and a few more steps to S. Stefano, and the Accademia. At every turn, there was a photo op. Kathy became enamored with the doors and especially the door handles.

I’ll write later about a great concert that My daughter and I attended. Suffice it to say that it is a unique experience hearing Vivaldi played in Venice.

One of the highlights (and I’m serious here) was an evening gondola ride through the area surrounding Accademia. We started at the foot of the Accademia bridge and circled through the small quiet canals.

We floated, literally and figuratively, through these back alleys, lilting ourselves into a dreamy state of timelessness. Our guide was congenial and informative. But he was also respectful of the silent mystery that is Venice.

Waxing poetically, perhaps. But this was a wonderful experience that will not be forgotten.


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