So, what do I do now?

It was a very weird feeling this morning, walking into my new office.  I have a nice space with room for my desk, some files, bookcases and a meeting area. I also have a separate media station where I work on music/video/audio/media with a MacPro, Genelec Speakers, a Kyma Pacarana, Motif 8 keyboard, and all kinds of cool widgets and do-dads.

But this was the first time in two and a half years when I didn’t have to worry about some issue at center that required my immediate attention, when I didn’t have to figure out how to squeeze 15 minutes in for lunch, or how I was going to break away for 30 minutes later in the afternoon to pick my son up from soccer practice, and then get back to work.

In truth, my first thought upon entering my office this morning was “So, what do I do now?” I looked around, found my desk, sat down and took out my laptop.  After that, I was pretty much at a loss. Did I have to call anyone? (No.) Where are those forms I have to sign so someone could take a day off? (Sorry.) Seriously, isn’t there something that absolutely has to be done right now so that the center doesn’t come to a complete stop? (Not really.)

A wave of adrenaline rushed over me (or maybe it was just the heat coming on). I was on my own agenda, which meant, I needed to make an agenda. So I did. Update on network performance project with UIUC? (Check) Update and letter of support for network arts grant proposal with UNM? (Check) Turn in keys? Meet with Stacey? Work on EM/DM blog site? (Check, check, and check). Time for lunch.

It is amazing what can get done when you’re not interrupted every 5 minutes by a phone call, walk-in, or iChat session. It’s really amazing when you don’t have to answer 30 e-mails even before you start the day. It was a remarkably productive and stressless day.


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