Beck, Stephen LSU5520 GrayscaleStephen David Beck is a composer, pianist, computer programmer, researcher, digital media expert, professor, teacher, soccer coach, father, and husband.  He is the Director of Creative & Digital Initiatives at the LSU Office of Research and Economic Development. He is on the faculty of the School of Music, where he holds the Derryl and Helen Haymon Professorship in Music. He also holds a joint appointment with the Center for Computation & Technology where led the development of the AVATAR Initiative in Digital Media.

His research delves into the connections between computational technologies and creativity, ranging from how musicians work in the studio, to new kinds of performance ensembles and methodologies.  He is also an expert on digital media and its impact on creativity.  At CCT, he is a member of the Cultural Computing group and looks at how applications designed for computational research in the sciences can be applied to the arts and humanities.

Along with Stacey Simmons, Beck is co-founder of the Red Stick International Animation Festival.  Most recently, he founded the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana (the LOLs) as an ensemble to explore the future of musical performance and as a musical metaphor for grid computing.

In his off time, he likes to cook and fly kites.


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